5 Key Mistakes to be avoided by Credit Card Holders



Always Avoid Having Several Cards at One Time

Having many credit cards at one time can lead you overspending and getting in large debt

Always Avoid Racking Up Your Debit

Do not keep using your credit card by assuming you will pay off at later. Have a plan to pay back first before you use your Credit card

Always Avoid Making Late Payments

Making your minimum payable amount as delayed, will impact your credit history badly and your
credit history will no longer stay attractive for the banks in case if you want to lend again

Always Avoid to increase your Credit Limit Unnecessarly

Having your credit limit increased will also have a risk of putting yourself into large debt. It is better not to use credit card payments for large sums as it will cost more

Always Avoid Using your Credit Card at Unsecured Places

Never use your credit card at a place you do’nt consider it as safe. Making a card payment on a small unknown shop on a trunk road as compare to a large brand within your city may
have some additional risk associated related to fraud

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