6 Steps to Plan Your Child's Education in Pakistan at Mawazna.com



Finalize Your Goal Date:

Get your child’s age on a paper and find out the no. of years he has to reach his graduation.

Decide the Target Amount you would need for his Graduation:

Establish the total cost in today’s value to give education today’s terms.

Estimate Inflation Rate:

Find the amount you will need to achieve that end goal by estimating inflation rate of in education.

Establish the Amount You Need to Start Saving for Know:

Decide the total amount you need to save for this goal and the monthly contribution you will make until you reach your goal.

Define Your Investments to Reach this Goal:

Plan the investment amount and allocation of funds on continuous basis to reach this goal to support the education of your child.

Always Prepare Yourself for the unexpected Circumstances:

Mind you, you should always need to be prepared for the unexpected cost associated with the educations such as accommodation, pocket money etc.

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