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TPL Life insurance is a health and life insurance provider in Pakistan aiming to satisfy the needs of the consumers coming from all backgrounds. Through their health insurance coverage plans, they ensure that the customers are covered for any eventualities (such as common diseases, critical illness, hospitalization, maternity, cancer care, medical disability, and mental illness etc.) that may lie ahead in the future through offering a wide range of products.


A vast array of life and health insurance plans are on the offer for multiple customer segments belonging to corporate, retail, micro-health and technology driven consumer segments. The solutions provide cover for the different elements of life and they guarantee a great standard of healthcare when it is required through a panel of 300+ hospitals across the country. This financial support offered by their plans provides peace of mind and enables future planning and the ability to deal with accidents, illness and unexpected life events.

TPL Life health insurance plans are highly affordable showing their commitment towards offering best care and wellbeing to their customers. A number of different forms of health insurance plans are offered based on different budget sizes. This means that healthcare is accessible in an efficient way when times are difficult and so, medical treatment is included as well as care for partners. Their cover comes in the form of five different health insurance plans along with instant health insurance plans highlighted below. To get an annual premium for these plans matching with your needs, visit health insurance comparison service.


1. Tahaffuz

This is their basic plan that provides medical treatment at a wide range of hospitals and it comes at a price that fits most budgets. Daily room and board costs are covered up to Rs 1,000 while accident emergencies are covered up to Rs 10,000. Things such as the Ambulance service, specialized investigations including MRI and CT Scans are covered as pre and post hospital benefit are covered at cost. The maximum limit of the plan is PKR 60,000 and it is available for people between the age of 6 months and 75 years of age.


2. Rahat

A plan that is designed for medical emergencies because it covers daily room and board to a sub-limit of Rs 1,500 while medical emergency costs are covered up to Rs 15,000. In the same way as the Tahaffuz plan, the Ambulance service and scans are covered at cost while the plan has an annual limit of Rs 100,000 which includes basic hospital care, room, and board as well as an 80:20 split on the cost of non-network hospitals with cover being available for those aged between 6 months and 75 years.


3. Aafiyat

This cover is more thorough than the previous plans and this can be seen with the daily room and board sub-limit including all expenses incurred on the general ward. Therefore, this offers further protection and peace of mind which is further enhanced by the accidental treatment being covered up to Rs 20,000 which also includes Rs 35,000 limit for the cover of an emergency evacuation. The annual limit is Rs 200,000 for all care received at a networked hospital and a split of 80:20 for treatment at a non-networked hospital. The entry age for this cover is 6 months to 60 years with the maximum age being 65.


4. Salamati

This cover is ideal for loved ones with the plan extending to offer a daily room and board that includes a semi-private suite offering comfort and seclusion at a time when you need it. Emergency accidental treatment cover is provided up to Rs 35,000 with emergency evacuation covered up to Rs 50,000. The annual cover is worth a maximum of Rs 350,000 which includes basic care, room, and board at one of the selected networked hospitals with an 80:20 split of the cost being put in place for treatment or care at a non-networked hospital. The cover is available for individuals between the age of 6 months and 60 years with the maximum insurable age being 65.


5. Aaram

A plan that provides complete coverage for the family and aims to deliver complete comfort and assurance. The daily room and board limit also include a private suite which ensures an increased level comfort during treatment with both accident and evacuation covered each up to Rs 50,000. The cover can be provided for people between the age of 6 months and 60 years with the maximum age being 65 years. The overall limit of the plan is Rs 500,000 for care and treatment received at network hospitals while the cost of treatment and care at a non-networked hospital is split 80:20.


Instant Health Plans
TPL Life also offers unique instant health insurance plans that are aimed at specific requirements of its customers. These clever health plans are direct, instant and efficient as they provide customers with exactly what they want and need at the time of the need.

The Shehsawar Plan is designed for Motor Cyclists and it covers them death or injuries sustained from a motorcycle accident. This is an affordable plan at Rs 450 for three months cover with a payment of Rs 500,000 for deaths as a result of an accident or Rs 50,000 for hospitalization.

The Bodyguard Plan is a plan that is aimed to protect the whole family from accidents and terrorism. Incidents can happen at any time and so, it is important that you are protected. Therefore, a cash payment of Rs 500,000 is paid as a result of death or accident caused by some terrorism incident. This plan costs Rs 375 for three months cover.

Finally, the Hospital Cash Assist plan is aimed at protecting families from the financial burden that comes with receiving hospital treatment. Costs can mount up quickly and so, a cash payment of Rs 5,000 to Rs 10,000 is made for each day of hospitalization with the cost ranging from Rs 2,250 to Rs 4,500 for 12 months cover. is a growing financial services comparison platform in Pakistan that enables consumers to make more informed decisions when choosing financial products and services including health can and travel insurance comparison, selection and buying an insurance policy offered by leading insurance companies of Pakistan. Visit us online to compare, select and buy health insurance plans offered by leading health insurance providers in Pakistan that can satisfy your needs. The purpose of this article was to create an awareness of different products offered by our Partners that you can compare and buy from (including TPL Life health insurance plans).


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