Digital IPS - A Sneak Peek into Faysal Bank’s New Product Launch


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Faysal Bank has recently launched a facility for digitally creating and trading in Investor Portfolio Securities (IPS) in Pakistan called Faysal Self Invest. Through Faysal Self Invest, the mobit users would have access to the live rate sheet of quoting prices of Government of Pakistan T-Bills, Pakistan Investment Bonds and Ijara sukuks 24/7.

This is a unique step of Faysal Bank towards digitalization. As it gives its consumers a unique opportunity to handle all investment decisions single handedly. They can track maturities, coupons and yield on investment which help them in making informed and timely decisions.


Faysal Bank has recently become the first commercial bank to introduce virtual card for online transactions in the market. This card is facilitating its customers in online payments, funds transfer and for other transactions. This digital technology is showing an upward trend as it allowing more users to connect with it. Further, it also encompasses safe and secure transfer of money in a financial market.


Mobit card is an excellent alternative for those customers who do not have debit or credit card, on the part of the Faysal Bank. Mobit card will be accepted on all those websites where Master Card will be accepted. This card will come up in multiple benefits. Among so many, first, this will create your card in flash lightning way. Second, it will ensure safety from online scam and thefts. Third, you are not required to even carry plastic money. Free and instant reloads and lastly, you can set your own spending limits.

In a nutshell, this initiative of Faysal Bank will support maximum customers in financial market. It also caters those customers which do not have credit or debit card, as this mobit card will give you quick and easy access to the card. With the growing technology our banking services are also making their products efficient enough to cater the contemporary needs of the financial market.