Everything You Need to Know about Allied Bank Visa Credit Card


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The Allied Bank Visa Credit Card is designed to provide users with the freedom they need to spend in a responsible way. Whether they are looking to make a large purchase or use the card to cover their usual monthly spending, it can be relied on to deliver exactly what they need. At Mazazna.com, it is possible to find out more about the different credit cards on offer but take a look at what the Allied Bank Visa Credit Card has to offer.


Increased Security
Allied Bank Visa Credit Card are now chip-enabled offering a higher level of security against fraud while it also makes it a lot more convenient. As part of its security features, the Allied Visa Credit Card come with a zero loss liability feature. The aim of this feature is to prevent any unauthorised payments from taking place should the card become lost or stolen.


An SMS feature can alert cardholders when their card is being used. This is a security feature that can enable users to take action should they find that their card is missing through loss of theft. Alongside this, users can be sent mini-statements each month where they can check what they owe and keep track of the many promotions that are available.


Flexible Repayments and Acceptance Worldwide
The card offers customers the ability to make purchases using a ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ Feature. This means that users can choose to pay for an up item up to 50 days after making the purchases, giving a high level of flexibility and convenient. When the time comes to make repayments, users are provided with an option to pay-off the whole amount or to make a minimum payment of 5% or Rs. 500.


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This makes it possible to manage spending better while having the ability to spread payments. Of course, this is a card that is widely accepted in Pakistan at almost 50,000 merchants and more than 1 million ATMs. However, for those who travel, it can be a very useful card as it can be used with 27 million merchants around the world.


Cash Advance and Balance Transfer
One handy feature is the ability for users to have a cash advance of as much as 50% of their credit limit, this can be obtained by using an ATM that has the Visa or PLUS sign and withdrawing the required amount. There is a service charge for taking advantage of this service.

Often, credit card holders can move outstanding balances from one card to another and the Allied Visa Credit Card allows you to transfer outstanding balances from other cards you own in order to consolidate your debt. There is a balance transfer rate associated with this but it can help you to make further savings on what you owe.


CIP Lounge Access at no Extra Cost
All Allied Visa Credit Card holders will have free access to the complimentary lounge facility at Quaid-e-Azam International airport in Karachi. This provides users with access to many of the luxurious features such as television, books and newspapers as well as power supplies for laptops and phones where users can browse the web for fun or business. There is also a wide range of snacks available with drinks and fruit.

Additional Cards are Available
As the card comes with so many benefits, users can choose to provide others with access to supplementary cards, so they too, can make use of the privileges that come with the card.


It is clear to see that the Allied Bank Visa Credit Card is a card that is extremely flexible and usable in a number of ways. From worldwide use, to excellent privileges and great security. If you are looking for a credit card that is perfect for your needs, this could be it but before you make a decision, take a look at Mawazna.com to compare the different cards that are available to you.


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