Everything You Need to Know about Bank Alfalah Credit Cards


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Bank Alfalah has a number of popular credit cards that are there to provide you with access to finance when you need it. They have a wide range of cards to suit all needs, so what do you need to know about the credit cards they have available to you?


Afalah Ultra Cashback Card
If you are seeking cashback on your transactions, this card is for you. The great thing about this card is that it is designed to work for you. It makes it possible to earn money as you spend by providing cashback on any purchases that you make from two of six available categories. Choosing two categories from Supermarket, Clothing, Fuel, Hotel, Airline and Hospital will provide access to 7% cashback on all expenditures in the chosen categories. This is a card that offers flexibility as it is possible to change the categories when needed. This card offers you a number of additional benefits such annual fee waivers, credit advance, discounts on dinning, balance transfer facility, supplementary cards, cash withdrawals and many more.


Alfalah Visa Platinum Credit Card
The Alfalah Visa Platinum Credit Card is a card that comes with a number of amazing privileges, rewards, discounts as well as an excellent level of service that makes you feel special wherever you go.

It is a card that is recognised around the world by over 30 million establishments as well as providing access to over 1.5 million ATM around the globe. It also provides access to a huge selection of Airport lounges in over 100 countries but there is annual fee and per visit lounge fee that is applicable. A cash advance is also possible having access to as much as 50% of your credit limit. For those who like to do shopping on instalments, this is the best card available to you. Should the card be lost or stolen then it is covered for all fraudulent use which means you are not out of pocket.


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Alfalah Titanium Credit Card
If you really love collecting reward point (Orbit rewards), this card is for you. Alfalah Titanium Credit Cards is supported by Mastercard network therefore you can enjoy benefits and services across the globe. This card comes with a number of benefits and privileges as well as giving users the ability to use it in 24 million establishments worldwide.

The card also provides access to airport lounges around the world for the same fee as the Alfalah Platinum Visa Credit Card. For every Rs. 50 spent on the card, users will receive one reward point (Orbit rewards) which can then be redeemed against many different rewards. A cash advance is available from any branch in Pakistan and any Mastercard ATM’s around the world. There is also cover for fraudulent use if lost or stolen as well as free travel accident cover. You can get supplementary credit cards for your family and also enjoy balance transfer facility when needed.


Alfalah Visa Gold and Classic Credit Cards
Both of these cards offer quite flexible eligibility criteria and young professionals with minimum salary of 20K can also apply for these cards. Alfalah Visa Gold Credit Card is best for those who would like to earn and collect reward points (Orbit rewards). Where the classic is more focused on young professionals. These cards are best if you are new to the credit card world. Both of these cards can be used around the world because of Visa’s worldwide acceptance while many benefits make it a desirable choice.

There are discounts for shopping, dining and travel which means that users benefit in many different ways. There is also a reward scheme (Orbit rewards) in place that pays one point for every Rs. 50 spent on the card. Users can also benefit from access to the airport lounge at Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad for all international travel. Gold card offers relatively more benefits than Classic card therefore has different eligibility criteria with increased salary requirement of Rs. 50K as compared to Rs. 20K for Classic one.


Alfalah have a number of credit cards that are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of people including young professionals, executives, businessmen and corporate. The fact that there are so many to choose from make it possible to find the right card for you.


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