Everything You Need to Know about Voice Packages in Pakistan


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When it comes to voice packages, it is important that you have a voice or sim only package that can address your specific voice calling needs. There are several providers in Pakistan to choose from and they all offer a variety of packages to cater different needs which is why you need to know what they offer through a comparison.

The following guide will provide you with the details about the four main voice package providers in Pakistan and the pre-paid and post-paid voice packages on offer:


1- Jazz
Jazz has a number of pre-paid and post-paid packages available to suit the needs of all age of customers. Jazz is the leading telecom service provider with over 50 million subscribers while it offers country-wide coverage and an excellent level of customer service. They have invested heavily into creating an infrastructure that not only delivers reliability but also a fiber optic infrastructure that is designed to propel Pakistan into a new technological era.


Jazz Pre-paid Packages
Jazz offers a number of pre-paid packages known as Budget, One, Champion and Easy. The aim of these packages is to deliver a solution that meets the needs of all. The packages are designed to offer affordable pre-paid use that ensures that everyone is connected.


Jazz Post-paid Packages
The post-paid packages are extensive and cover a wide range of needs. Their aim is to provide users with the option of having a mixture of minutes, SMS and Data that covers what they require. There is a plan with free data for those who like to stay connected and plans with inclusive minutes for those who like to talk.

Jazz seems to have covered every base when it comes to what they offer due to their wide range of products. They seem to be spending a lot of money on developing their network and it seems as though they have already hit the target looking at the number of users they already have.


2- Ufone
Ufone has great advantage of being a leader and has a large experience of the telecom industry in Pakistan as it has been operating for over 15 years. While it may seem as though Ufone does not have the same sleek look as Jazz, they do seem to try and cater for more people. Currently, it has around 24 million subscribers and a network coverage in 10,000 locations and it can boast the fastest growing 3G network.


Ufone Pre-paid Packages
Ufone seems to offer a lot of packages. In fact, there are so many to choose from that you can see why this is a telecoms company that is growing. They offer many packages for those who like to send a lot of SMS. There are also packages for those who need to use the internet and there are packages for those who like to make calls. All package details can be reviewed at Mawazna’s voice comparison product.


Ufone Post-paid packages
Once again, they offer a wide range of post-paid packages in an attempt to capture everyone’s requirements. There are internet offers, voice and SMS packages and less complicated packages that offer a mixture of data, SMS and minutes starting from Ultra U49 to Ultra U3999.

Ufone are attempting to capture the market by offering more packages than their competitors. This could work for them although the fact that have not claimed to offer country-wide connectivity could limit them to a smaller audience. They are however, growing and that is a good sign of things to come.


3- Telenor Pakistan
Telenor Pakistan is the second largest mobile operator in Pakistan. It has 36 million subscribers and is continuing to spend money in order to compete with the main competition. It is part of a larger, worldwide group which has 180 million subscribers across the world, proving that they know what they are doing. This operator does seem to have positioned itself in a market where it seems to be targeting a younger section of the population.


Telenor Pre-paid Packages
A good selection of pre-paid packages make this an ideal choice for people who want a pre-paid package that offers value for money depending on what they want. There are four packages available and they all offer superb value on-net and off-net calls as well as data and SMS.


Telenor Post-paid Packages
The post-paid packages are structured in a way that makes it easy for users to find something that is tailored to their needs. The offer smart plans that deliver a mixture of free minutes, calls as well as data depending on the individual needs. Their bundles are somewhat a clever introduction as they are geared up for people who may need just calls, Just SMS or Internet with 4G speeds.

Telenor Pakistan is clearly an operator who knows what it is doing and this can be seen from the way in which the website and the packages on offer are designed. As the second biggest operator in Pakistan, this is a provider who should be considered seriously. They are continually spending on their network and this means that users will always receive a reliable service.


4- Zong
Zong is another relatively new operator to the Pakistan Telecoms market but it can still boast 26 million subscribers and a market share of 20%. It offers 4G coverage to over 100 cities in Pakistan with the number increasing at an impressive rate. It also boasts the highest number of 4G sites in the highest number of cities which proves that they want to be at the top. Their aim is to continue to develop their network while offering faster speeds and an improved experience.


Zong Pre-paid Packages
As Zong has a vast experience in what users require, there are many plans available to suit all needs. Once again, these packages come with different charges for data, SMS and calls making it possible for users to choose a packages based on how they use their phone.


Zong Post-paid Packages
They offer an extensive selection of post-paid packages that are structured in a way that it is possible for all to find something that is right for them. For those who like to stay connected on the 4G network, there are packages with large amounts of data included while those who prefer to talk will benefit from those packages with large amounts of free minutes. In the main, Zong offers competitive packages that certainly makes them a possibility for many.


Zong is part of the largest telecoms service provider in the world – China Mobile Communications Corporation. This fact alone proves that they will always be looking to invest and evolve from a technological perspective. Their 4G coverage is brilliant and this means that people in cities throughout Pakistan will be able to benefit from fast speeds and great connectivity.


Finding the right provider is all about understanding the packages that are available to you. However, you will also need to understand how good their coverage is and what their speeds are like. In light of this, it is also worth noting what they are like when it comes to growing and seeking new technologies in order to better the service they provide you. Once you know what you are looking for, you can then run a comparison on Mawazna.com to find the best deal for you through our Post-paid voice packages comparison and Pre-paid voice packages comparison.


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