Faysal Bank Introduced Pakistan's First Virtual Card Supporting e-commerce Transactions



Faysal bank, one of the growing bank involved with the commercial, retail and Islamic banking operations in Pakistan. Currently, Faysal bank operates through countrywide 270 branches in over 70 cities of Pakistan. Faysal bank has taken a bold step and introduced Pakistan’s 1st virtual card (Mobit Virtual Card) that will allow its customers to make free nationwide and global e-commerce transactions.

The Mobit Virtual Card supports Mastercard payment network and will enable customers to be able to use this in absence of any debit or credit cards for any local or international online e-commerce transactions. This digital card will also offer various discounts on selected product lines. Existing customers can go online through Faysal bank’s online banking and generate their Mobit Virtual Card instantly. You will need to transfer your funds into this card to make its use for online e-commerce transactions and you can also set the upper limits for card usage to ensure the security.

Digital IPS - A Sneak Peek into Faysal Bank’s New Product Launch