Filing Your Annual Tax Returns Online in Pakistan


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It is important to file your tax returns in order to stay the right side of the law but to also ensure that you pay your taxes to your country. However, many think that the process is laborious, difficult and believe that they are already paying it in some way or other. Despite this, completing your tax returns and wealth statement comes with many benefits for you and the government of your country, so how can you file your tax returns online in Pakistan?


Filing Taxes – Understanding FBR’s Instructions
Prior to registering online, it is important that you follow the Federal Board of Revenue’s most recent SRO No.981 (I) 2017 from September 28.

There is no income tax to pay if you are salaried and have an income that is less the RS. 400,000 per year. However, in order to remain honest and true, you will still need to submit a tax return containing all the relevant details correctly.


Register Online for the FBR E-Enrolment System
Even if you are a new user or someone who has been doing this for some time, the process is not that difficult. In order to become enrolled, you will need to follow the “Registration for Unregistered Person” or “ E-Enrolment for Registered Person ”. Here you will need to provide your CNIC number as well as a contact telephone number that is linked and registered to your name. The system provides very easy step by step instructions to submit your tax returns.


Prepare your Tax Documents for Submission
Following your registration, there are a number of categories and this is where you will find the registration document within the drafts folder for you to complete. Once complete and submitted, your account will be confirmed by the FBR and this will enable you to submit your tax returns and wealth statements.


Income Tax Returns – Who should complete them?
It is expected that every company will complete and submit their tax returns while every individuals who has an income over PKR 400,000 will also be required to submit theirs. As stated in Clause 36 of Section 2, every non-profit organization will have to submit their along with welfare institutions that are approved under clause 58 of Part I of the second schedule.


Every individual who has been charged tax during the previous two tax years and those who have claimed a loss that is taken forward under this Ordinance for a tax year. If you own a property that cannot physically be moved that has land of more than 250 square yards then you will be expected to submit a tax return as well as those who own a flat that is located in an area that comes under the municipal limits.


Those who own a property that cannot be moved and is built within land that is more than five hundred square yards in size along with individual who own a flat that covers more than two thousand square feet and is located within a rating area.


If you own a motor vehicle that has an engine of more than 1000 cc you will be expected to submit a tax return while those who have National Tax Number will also need to remain within the law by submitting a return.


Should you have an electricity connection for a commercial or industrial property that has an annual bill of more than rupees five hundred thousand, there will also be a tax return required. Should you be registered with any chamber of commerce and industry or any trade or business association or market then it is a requirement by law to submit a tax return.

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As you can see, filing a tax return online is relatively simple but there are a lot of stipulations in place that determine whether you have to pay tax or not, so understand whether you come under these stipulations to find out whether you are required to submit a tax return.


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