Getting Fast Internet Broadband without a Phone Line


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If you are thinking that you need a phone line to get the fast internet broadband speed then probably it is time to think again because there are several options available to you. While the options can be a little limited, you can still browse the web and do many of the other things that a broadband serviced delivered with a phone line will allow you to do. If you do not have phone line, then the best thing to consider is a mobile broadband product in Pakistan. However to get a best mobile internet packages in Pakistan, it will require you to compare mobile broadband products first. This article highlights a few options that might be available in your area in case if you do not have a landline phone service available. Benefit from the service offered by broadband comparison platform to save your money and time.


What Does Satellite Broadband Offers?
The whole idea behind satellite broadband was to offer people who did not have a phone line and access to an internet connection.

There are some providers in Pakistan who offer satellite broadband and this is the ideal option for those who live in areas where they may struggle to receive a stable broadband speed. In addition to that, satellite broadband services are offering the gap of mobile broadband coverage in Pakistan. Such as YahClick started offering satellite broadband services in Pakistan some time ago. Also Super Net, ClickSat and Globaltt (another international provider) also offer satellite broadband services in Pakistan. The great thing about satellite broadband is that it only requires a clear southerly view of the sky and space for a dish.

However, installing it can provide to be a large task but it is completely achievable but the costs are substantially higher than that of traditional broadband. Just like other forms of broadband, it is important to shop around. The speeds that are available can be slower than the traditional offering but it is a perfectly feasible option for those who need it.

On the whole, satellite broadband can offer good download and upload speeds but it is not necessarily suited to those who enjoy online gaming. Also a wider availability of the services across Pakistan is another challenges. From service quality perspective, for the likes of browsing it will prove to do the job perfectly well.


Mobile Broadband is a Great Choice
If you do not have a phone line then mobile broadband is the perfect choice. But to get the best mobile internet packages in Pakistan, you should always compare mobile internet packages before buying. As expected it, does not require a phone line but it does enable you to have access to the internet. There are many different providers that offer this service and so, comparing the different packages and deals is the best way of finding one that is right for you. A number of leading providers include Wi-tribe, PTCL, Zong, Jazz, Optix, QUBEE, Telenor and Ufone etc., are offering these products across the major cities of Pakistan.

A mobile broadband packages can also provide users with complete flexibility because unlike fixed broadband, it can travel around with you which means you can take it anywhere you like providing there is the correct coverage.


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For those who are seriously considering mobile broadband as an option because they are regular travellers or do not have a fixed line then it is worth understanding that it is not suited to heavy use. The capacity that is often found with mobile broadband is a lot less than that seen with traditional broadband and so, data allowances and speeds are slower. Despite this, it is affordable and a great option for those who browse the web occasionally and send the odd email and attachment here and there.

Mobile broadband can be used in a number of ways. One way is by taking out a mobile internet contract that comes in the form of a dongle. This is ideal for those who use a laptop or tablet with a USB port on the move as it will mean that you can simply connect it up and make use of the internet.

There is also mobile Wi-Fi which is known as Mi-Fi as a device is used to connect to the mobile internet. The device could be called a portable router as it often means that a number of devices can connect to it providing you with the ability to connect to it at home or even when you are out and about.


Always Compare All Mobile Broadband Options
There are plenty of mobile options available offered by leading providers in Pakistan and it does mean that those who do not have a phone line are still able to connect to the internet. They work in a slightly different way to traditional broadband but they provide access and that counts for a lot. All such offers have slight differences in products or services or bungles you get as an offer that you must compare first before selecting the best mobile internet packages in Pakistan. is a leading financial service and broadband product comparison platform that allows consumers in Pakistan to choose the best broadband & internet packages for their personal or business needs. Visit us online to compare a selection of broadband products offered by leading providers in Pakistan.


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