How Can I get Personal Loan in Pakistan?



Almost all commercial (private and public sector) banks in Pakistan are offering personal loans to consumers in Pakistan. Personal loan is an unsecured loan which means, there is no need to provide a guarantee for a consumer who is looking to get a personal loan. The best way to get a personal loan would be to first compare all the personal loan products that are being provided by different banks through a financial products aggregator platform such as

Comparing their rates, features and requirements will enable you to get closer to a specific personal loan product that matches your needs. Once you compare and select a personal loan, the next step is to apply through the Aggregator ( as works as an intermediary to bridge the gap between a bank and a consumer. Once you apply through, then you dont need to do anything else. Team mawazna will help you towards your personal loan inquiry and will also help you with your application preparation process. Bank staff will collect the application form and then the application will be forwarded for the credit history checks and other process.

If the application meets all the requirements, you will receive an intimation from Bank towards your application status being successful. You will be required to open a loan account with the bank and the funds will be credited into your account. Hope this helps.

Team Mawazna