How IGI Travel Insurance Plans Protects you from Travel Uncertainties?


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IGI Travel Insurance is designed to give all type of travellers a complete peace of mind when they head off on their next journey abroad. While travelling for business or pleasure is an exciting experience, particularly when you get to see new parts of the world, it does come with its risks. We are all susceptible to injury, illness or even death when on our travels and so, travel insurance from IGI Insurance is designed to provide cover that deals with these uncertainties when they arise.

Whether you are a student, an individual or a family travelling, having travel insurance from IGI Insurane, it will cover medical expenses, treatments and is designed to suit the specific needs of each traveller. So, what does IGI Travel Insurance offer you and why buying traveling insurance through will help you saving your time and money.


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Summary of Coverage offered by IGI Travel Insurance

The insurance is designed to offer safety and financial security for all policyholders and so, the policy offers cover against the following:


Medical Expenses

Should the policyholder have to receive medical treatment for an illness or an injury when travelling, the costs can spiral out of control. However, Travel Insurance from IGI is designed to help deal with these costs and expenses.

This will include the costs that are associated with staying in a hospital or receiving outpatient treatment but also the cost of all scans and other exploratory treatments in order to identify the injury and the correct line of treatment.

The cost of medicine will also be included as part of the cover and that can mean that policyholders will be able to receive the correct treatment to ensure that they make a full recovery. This can include the likes of medicines to treat illnesses right through to surgical procedures to treat broken bones and similar injuries.


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Accidental Death

Illness or even injury can, unfortunately, lead to death. Therefore, the nominee who will be included in the policy will be paid the sum insured. Whether death is accidental or not, 100% compensation will be paid, providing the policyholder with peace of mind knowing that they will not be leaving their loved ones in financial difficulties should they pass away.


Permanent Total Disablement

An accident can occur at any time, it could be a trip, fall or even a car accident. The injuries caused can range from minor to life-changing and so, Travel Insurance from IGI Insurance is designed to cover those injuries that lead to permanent damage or the loss of limbs, eye-sight or hearing. This also includes the loss of toes and fingers for which a certain percentage of the sum insured will be paid.


Free Assistance Services

When travelling, there are many things that can happen can put you in a very awkward position but Travel Insurance from IGI offers a number of free assistance services. This includes services such as:
  1. Telephone medical advice
  2. Medical translation services
  3. Return of young children
  4. Emergency document
  5. Accommodation arrangement
  6. Lost Luggage Assistance
  7. Passport Assistance

The importance of Comparing Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is vital because nobody ever knows what is waiting for them around the corner. This kind of cover ensures that travellers are protected from the costs of medical treatments as well as any injuries they might suffer from during their trip right through to accidental death. This proves that finding the right travel insurance is crucial and why you should always seek to compare travel insurance from the many different providers out there. You should alwasy compare travel insurance first and scan the whole market through under one roof. makes it possible for you to find the right insurance and that is why you should buy travel insurance through


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