Is it better for me to spend on a credit card and pay it off each month in full or just use my own savings?



Making you money work for you is vital because you want to get as much from what you have as possible. In days gone by, the thinking would have been to spend what you have, which is true but there is now a smarter way to spend if it works for you.

If your savings are earning you a high interest then the smarter move could be to leave that in your account so it continues to earn while paying for items using a credit card.

Of course, you would need to make sure that the interest you pay on your card is lower than that of your savings but you can continue to earn interest on your savings during the month before paying off your credit card in full. To determine what works best for you, you will need to understand the figures of your savings account and chosen credit card. To do this, you can run a comparison on both and then work out which one is more beneficial to you. To find best saving accounts and deposit accounts, visit Mawazna’s bank account comparison service.