Key Financial Challenges Faced by Pakistani Students Studying at the University Level



Dear Fellow Students, is Pakistan’s leading financial products comparison platform working across the financial services sector focusing on banking, insurance and investment sectors. We are conducting a study on key financial challenges faced by Pakistani Students studying at the University level across Pakistan. We would highly appreciate if you can please highlight key 5 financial challenges by replying to this survey that you face basis and would like to be addressed by the Govt or Private Sector ?

  • Lack of Study Loans
  • Inadequate Daily Budget
  • Expensive Living (hostel boarding & lodging)
  • Expensive Course Fees
  • Transportation Expenses
  • Lack of Savings
  • No Planning for Future
  • Lack of Emergency Grants in Universities
  • Expensive Mobile Bills
  • No Student Credit Cards
  • Other (not listed here)

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We are trying to bridge that gap so that Market understands those needs and relevant products can be offered to University students. We look forward to your valuable participation as that will help all of us and our generations.


Team Mawazna