Key Tips for Buying Car Insurance in Pakistan in 2017


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Owning a car comes with a number of risks such as theft, damage due to storms or being involved in an accident. When incidents such as these occur, there are high costs involved and so, having auto or car insurance in Pakistan will protect against these incidents.

Auto insurance Pakistan is something that all car owners have to put in place by law with a minimum 3rd party cover and so, finding the right cover can prove difficult but this is made easier by having the ability to compare the best car insurance deals online with The tips below will help you to make the right choice.


Make Sure You are Informed
Understanding the different types of cover available will help you to choose the right insurance. There is a third-party liability and comprehensive cover available and so, you need to understand the purpose of your cover, the risk associated with your vehicle and how much cover you will need.

It is important that the cover you put in place matches the amount that your car is worth. The government will also require you to put a minimum amount of cover in place when arranging 3rd party cover and so, you need to keep this in mind. Having a lack of insurance is not safe but overpaying for insurance can really damage finances. So always be informed and make well-informed decisions.


Comparing Insurance is Crucial
When it comes to auto insurance Pakistan, there are many providers out there trying to get your business. Therefore, it is important that you compare the best car insurance deals as this can help to slash costs and find you a better level of cover being offered by all Insurance companies in Pakistan. At, it is possible to carry out a detailed comparison that will provide you with a more informed insight into what they offer in terms of settling claims. It is also crucial to speak to others who have a cover with providers you are considering so you can get a feel for what they are really like.


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Make an Effort Always to Save Money
Nobody likes to pay more than they need to, so finding providers that offer a discount is the best way to save money on your cover. If you have made no claims in the past, protect your car using anti-theft systems and gear locks as well as have other safety equipment in place, you can really reduce the premiums by securing your car for long term basis and also earning no-claim bonus where applicable whilst continuing with the same Insurer.

Enhancing security can also lower your risk of making a claim and that saving can be passed on to you. Therefore, you need to consider all options and any features that your car may have that reduces its risk to the insurer.


Look at the Extras Available to You
Mostly Insurance companies in Pakistan have fixed rate offers based on car make and model, however, few insurers will also make it possible for you to create insurance cover that is tailored to your needs such as when you go for annual renewals. Many of these extras are aimed at factors such as the age of your car as well as the model, no claim benefits, so you need to think about these.

Extras such as roadside assistance or zero-depreciation are available to you but you should not spend a lot of money on them as they can result in your premium increasing by a considerable amount but they can help to provide extra cover so think about them carefully.

Always Value Your Vehicle Correctly
How much you pay for your insurance is determined by the value of your vehicle which is also known as the Insured Declared Value (IDV). If the valuation of your vehicle is low then this will be reflected in lower premiums but you should not undervalue your vehicle because it could leave you out of pocket when the time comes to claim.

Undervaluing your vehicle could result in it being written off unnecessarily, therefore, do all you can to ensure that the valuation is correct and true. Comparing auto insurance in Pakistan is important but following the tips above will ensure that you make the right decision around the cover you need. Car insurance is a vital tool and so, getting it right is important to you and your finances. is a growing Car Insurance comparison platform in Pakistan that allows you to compare multiple products and facilities in order to make an informed decision. Visit us online to compare quotes for your car insurance, health insurance, travel insurance, credit cards, bank accounts, persona and car loans, broadband, and more.


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