Key Tips to Get a Best Personal Loan in Pakistan


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When it comes to a Personal Loan, it is important to understand how to get access to the best personal loans provided by banks in Pakistan and what you need to do to find the best deals. Here are few of the key tips that will help you to get best personal loan offers.

Understand How Much You Need to Borrow
This is an important part of the process to set your financing limit so that you borrow the correct amount and not too much since the more you will borrow, the more it will cost you. Of course, getting approved for a personal loan with the banks will require you to meet certain criteria. However, having a clear indication will make it easier for you to identify the right product when you compare personal loans.


The Loan Period
It is possible to borrow over a number of years ranging from 12 months to 5 years. If you want to keep your payments down then you could pay the loan over a longer period but you will pay more interest so you need to bear that in mind.


Where Can I Get a Loan From?
All of the major banks in Pakistan offer a number of personal loans and that is why you need to compare in order to find the best personal loan rates that matches with your financial circumstances. The following are few of the examples of those personal loans offered by Pakistani banks and you can find all the loan details when you compare your options at mawazna’s personal loan comparison service:


  • HBL Personal Loan

  • Bank Alfalah Personal Loan

  • Faysal Bank Personal Loan

  • UBL Personal Loan

  • MCB Personal Loan

  • Bank al Habib Personal Loan

  • Silk Bank Personal Loan

  • And many others…


The banks will have competitive rates that are aimed at winning you over as a customer, however, remember that it is not always the lowest rate that is the best for you.


Things to Consider
You will need to think about paying the loan back and whether you think there is any possibility of paying it back early. If you think that you may be able to pay it back early then you will need to find a lender that does not charge a penalty for doing so.

Of course, you will need to think about the repayments and the length of time you want to pay the loan back. Do you think you can comfortably afford to meet the repayments each and every month? If you default on repayments you will find that your credit history will be severely damaged but also you will find yourself in legal prosecutions.


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What Rates are Available?
The rate that you finally get could be determined by your credit score and so, you should do all you can to improve your credit score or protect it. All banks provide their potential APR ranges that can be charged based the financial circumstances of the individual customers.

Many banks and lenders will advertise their best rates in adverts and such, but you are not always likely to get this rate, which again, highlights why you should compare the loans that are available to you. Shopping around will ensure that you get the best rates out there but it will also give you the potential to make the biggest saving when it comes to repayments.


Do You Definitely Need a Loan?
Before you make the decision to take out a loan, you need to understand whether you really do need one. It is a huge financial commitment and so, confirming it in your mind will make sure that you are making the right decision. Be honest with yourself and make sure you are aware of what you need and whether you can afford it. Remember that you will have to continue to make payments until the loan is fully repaid and this could be a year or more.


The Importance of Comparing Deals
We live in a world that is competitive when it comes to business, therefore, many banks are willing to fight for you as a customer. This gives you even more of a reason to compare the best personal loans out there by using is a growing financial services comparison platform in Pakistan that enables consumers to make more informed decisions when choosing financial products and services including health can and travel insurance comparison, selection and buying an insurance policy offered by leading insurance companies of Pakistan. Visit us online to compare banking (all loan products), insurance (car insurance, travel insurance, and health insurance) and broadband products to make more informed decisions.


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