Should I open a Joint account and what should I look for?



Joint account opening is helpful when you would like your partner (husband or wife or a business partner) to have easy access to your funds that you are both managing it collectively. If you are looking to save for a home, a trip abroad or simply to save money for your future with a loved one then a joint account will provide you with a great place to start. Almost all Pakistani banks offering opening joint accounts that can provide you and your partner with a place to save your money safely. However, when you do open a joint account you should consider first of all any limitations or controls towards withdrawals, the interest rate as this will determine the interest that is paid on your savings and so, the higher it is, the better. You will also need to consider whether your savings are accessible because you might have plans to access it when it suits you. Some banks offer a better rate if you decide to keep your savings locked away for a fixed period. However, making sure that the joint account has a good interest rate and can be accessed when it suits you is a great place to start.