What are the key types of family health insurance available in Pakistan?



There are times in life where injury, illness, and death occur beyond our control. Such is the life that we are not able to determine when such events will occur but when they do, we need to know that we are protected financially. The cost of medical treatment can spiral out of control and it can leave you in financial difficulties and so, it is important that you put the right level of financial protection in place.

There are many family health insurance providers in Pakistan that offer family health insurance to protect you and your loved ones. For example, Allianz EFU offers Family Tahaffuz and different levels known as Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze while Jubilee Health Shield is offered by Jubilee Life Insurance. TPLLife offers a number of family health insurance plans such as Tahafuz, Rahat, Aafiyat, Aaram and Salamti, offering different levels of covers matching with your own needs. Similarly, Askari General Insurance offers various packages starting from students (A.S.H.A), Ask Family and Ask Care matching offering different levels of covers for different customer needs.

Finding the right cover for you is all about understanding what cover you need and who offers it. Ensuring you protect your family and cover all of the relevant costs is the key to finding a cover that fits your every need.

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