Why You Should Buy a Comprehensive Car Insurance?


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Deciding on the type of car insurance you want to buy for your car is a crucial matter that demands adherence to details of the available options. The factor that you should never compromise on is coverage that the insurance has to offer in case of any misfortune. So, opt for an insurance plan that gets you an end to end full coverage facility and this makes Comprehensive Car Insurance a better choice in comparison to a 3rd party insurance policy.


Key Highlightes of Third-Party Cover and Comprehensive Cover
There are precisely two types of Car Insurance plans offered in Pakistan. Underneath is a review of the key features offered by both types of insurance policies:


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Hence, Comprehensive Car Insurance is a promising insurance plan for your expensive vehicle. Following are some reasons to choose it over third party car insurance:


Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan Keeps You out of Trouble:
You should prefer buying comprehensive car insurance because it is the kind of car insurance that earns you complete protection of your car in case it meets an accident or gets you in trouble due to road-mishap. The key benefits of comprehensive car insurance cover:

Complete coverage in case your car gets damaged due to any of the following:


  • Any road accident

  • Fire incident

  • Natural disasters for instance, hurricane vandalism, flood due to wind storm or hail storm and tornado

  • Any attack on vehile caused by an animal

  • During riots and any other form of civil uproar

  • Theft (a very common risk in Pakistan)

  • Third party legal services fee

  • Accidents due to falling of objects and collision of objects especially in moutain areas


Without a comprehensive insurance plan at your disposal you will not be able to file any claim other than a scenario where the damage caused to other driver (3rd party) is caused by a road mishap.


Perks of Buying a Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy:
In case you want to feel more compensated you can enhance your coverage by opting for additional risk out of the following. However these vary by insurance providers therefore it is suggested to to always check all the details from your insurance company before evaluating a certain policy offer:
  • Engine protection

  • Coverage for zero reduction

  • Coverage for accessories

  • Medical expenditures

  • broken windshield due to a birds

  • Glass damage


Compensations that a Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan does not Offer:
Even the best Comprehensive Car Insurance in Pakistan does not offer following coverage in case of vehicle damage:
  • Wearing out of the car

  • Automobile’s aging

  • Electrical failure

  • Mechanical devaluation


There is no use of crying over spilt milk. So, it is better to look into details, analyze and compare the suggested car insurance policies and then making an informed decision when it comes to settling for any insurance plan for your car.


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