Wi-tribe Introduces 4.5G LTE Advanced Broadband Shaping Up the Next Generation Internet in Pakistan


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In a world that needs to be constantly connected, it is important that we have the right broadband in place in Pakistan. Of course, finding the best broadband package is as simple as visiting Mawazna.com but knowing what is on offer from Wi-tribe now a days can really inspires you o make a well informed decision.


Wi-tribe has recently upgraded their network infrasturcture and they are now more closer to brining the 5G internet in Pakistan. 4.5G is a key milestone on roadmap of LTE evolution path bringing us towards 5G. Wi-tribe has launched their ultra-high speed internet services running on 4.5G LTE network technology. Due to this upgrade, customers can now attain dowload speed upto 200 Mbps in Pakistan. You can also enjoy 1 Terabyte of download limit. You are going to love the user experience offered by this service. Isn’t this a big suprise? Offcourse yes, so let us review what packages are on offer by wi-tribe and how can you benefit from those ultra-high speed internet plans.


LTE Advanced Packages Explained
Wi-Tribe offers four LTE-A 4.5G packages known as Postpaid Starter, Prepaid, Postpaid Infinet and Elite.


The first package, known as POSTPAID STARTER offers three sub packages that offer three different usage allowances – 50Gb at Rs. 1,499/MLR (monthly line rent), 70GB at RS.1,749/MLR and 90GB at RS. 1,999/MLR. The normal activation fee for these packages is Rs 9,999 but it has been reduced to Rs 4,999 for a limited time offer ONLY. So do not delay, take benefit of the limited time offers and CONTACT US NOW To Buy these packages.


The second packaged is known as PREPAID and comes with two options. The first is the 35GB option which has been increased to 50GB at a cost of Rs.2,299/MLR and the 60GB option which has been increased to 90GB for RS 2,799/MLR. There is an offer on the activation charges which sees the usual price drop from Rs 9,999 to Rs 6,999 as an offer.


The third package is called PREPAID INFINET and this includes four options when it comes to usage. The first is Infinet 120GB which costs Rs 2,249/MLR, Infinet 150GB at a cost of Rs 2,499/MLR, Infinet 250GB which costs Rs 2,849/MLR and Infinet 500GB which comes at a price of Rs 3,599/MLR. The usual activation charge of Rs 9,999 has been reduced to Rs 4,999 for a limited time as an offer.


The final package that is available is the ELITE 1 Terabyte package and this comes at a price of Rs 5,099/MLR. The activation charges have been reduced from Rs 9,999 to Rs 4,999 as an offer.


Current Offers
Wi-Tribe have a number of offers on at the moment which will ensure that customers save money on the cost of activation but also get a little more for their money. The Prepaid packages offers users an increase in their allowance with the first package increasing from 35GB to 50GB and the second package increasing from 60GB to 90GB.

The activation costs across all packages have been reduced in price from Rs 9,999 to Rs 4,999 on the Postpaid starter packages, Postpaid Infinet packages and the Elite Packages. The Prepaid packages have been reduced to Rs 6,999 and so, all packages offer excellent value for money. Additionally you can get the first month FREE when subscribing for the LTE packages.


Which Cities the Packages are available?
The broadband on offer with Wi-tribe gives the people of Pakistan the ability to get connected through fast broadband at great prices. Their reliability is excellent but they are a company that is expanding. Currently, their service is available in a number of cities across Pakistan. These cities include Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi and Faisalabad. In these areas, the speeds and connection is excellent but they do have plans to expand to other cities in the near future.


Who is Wi-Tribe Broadband Aimed at?
Broadband is aimed at anyone who wants to stay connected with the rest of the world. The fast speeds enables users to participate in online gaming, streaming of videos, video chats, attending online conferencing and browsing. It gives users the option to determine how they want to use it because of its reliability. Young or old, Wi-tribe broadband is accessible to those who live in the areas where it is available.

When the time comes to find the best packages available with Wi-tribe, it is important to use a comparison service such as Mawazna.com. Here it is possible to determine what you need and then finding a package that not only suits your needs but also meets your budget. This is what makes using Mawazna.com so simple yet rewarding.


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high speed internet is right of Pakistanis as this ensures international standard education, individual and SME level business growth and personal level entertainment … its a good decision of opting 4.5G LTE-Advance in comparison to 4G and standard LTE services currently available in Pakistan. Looking forward for such services in twin cities of Rwp and Isb as well …


I wonder, because witribe use to have the worst service.


Thank you for your feedback. However, we strongly suggest trying wi-tribe 4.5G packages. These packages are being offered only after the supporting technology infrastructure has been laid down. We should welcome such initiatives as these are going to change the way we work in our day to day lives.

Team Mawazna