Zong 4G Launches IoT based Smart Car Solution


Originally published at: https://www.mawazna.com/blog/zong-4g-launches-iot-based-smart-car-solution/

The Zong 4G Smart Car solution was released by Zong 4G, bringing the New Year in with style. This new path into another digital world has been realised by Zong 4G Smart Car Solution. It comes with three different features and all are accessible using an on-board diagnostic OBD-II device ( ZONG Smart Car On Board Diagnostics II ). To monitor these features, an App is available that can be use by users of Apple and Android Devices.

The device offers a connectivity solution on the move and the device provides customers with:


i) A vehicle that is turned into a Wi-Fi Hotspot using the fastest 4G mobile internet making it possible for as many as ten smart devices to connect at once.

ii) The ability to monitor the diagnostics of their vehicle using real time data which includes speed, fuel consumption, mileage and RPM.

iii) The ability to track the vehicle in real time through the use of safe zone as well as notifications alerting the owner of the movement of their vehicle when it enters and leaves Geo-fenced areas.


The aim of the product is to identify a problem that people face in the busy world we live in and then provide them with a solution. Walk-in-Customers will have access to the device at Zong 4G Customer Service Centers based in Islamabad although there are plans to launch the product across the country. Currently the following cars having movesl above 2000 are supported by this device:

  1. Honda City & Honda Civic
  2. Toyota Vitz, Corolla, Camry and PASSO
  3. BMW 3 series
  4. Mercedeez Benz

The Zong 4G Smart Car Solution is simple to use and install with its plug and play feature for Honda and Toyota Vehicles manufactures post 2000. Installation takes as little as 30 seconds, providing all of the benefits instantly.

Zong 4G offers its 4G experience in over 300 cities and it paves the way for new technologies such as the new Smart Car Solution. This will change the life of many and create a whole new level of digitalisation for users.